Monday, December 8, 2008


Ok, so it's been a very long while since I've posted anything. Here are a few pictures from November. Can you believe how much hair he's getting!!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Handy Manny

Kylar colored this today after supper.

A Few Updates

I don't have much to say today so I thought I'd update on a few things.

Kylar's 13th tooth has finally cut through. 14 through 16 will hopefully be close behind as his gums are really swollen, and he doesn't want to brush his teeth!!

On the way home from the babysitter yesterday, Kylar said Bible. Then we were going through body parts - I would say a part and he would point to it. I said "elbow". Kylar pointed to his hiney and said "bobo". It was too precious!

Today on our way from the babysitter he had his guns up. I said "Go Texas Tech". To my surprise, he repeated with "Tech Tech". Every time I'd say "Go Texas Tech" after that, he would put his guns up and say "Tech Tech".

He is talking more and more each day. I've said it before and I'll say it again - I cannot believe how fast he is growing!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Livin' Lost Lagoon

An advantage to living in San Antonio is the quick access we have to Sea World, Six Flags Fiesta Texas, the Riverwalk and the outlet malls that we didn't have living in Lubbock. Fausto was off today so we ventured to the outlet malls near San Marcos this morning. We were only there a little over an hour but long enough for Kylar to rake in some new clothes. He seems to always be the only one to get new clothes - probably because I'd rather shop for him then myself.

After lunch, we tried taking a nap but Kylar had already had one before lunch so he wasn't sleepy. If Kylar's not sleeping, ain't nobody sleeping!!

We loaded up and headed to Sea World's water park Lost Lagoon. Kylar had a blast!! We splashed around in Lil' Gator Alley which consists of about 8 inches of water, an octopus slide, a turtle, a thing that water falls off the top (not sure what it's called or how to describe it) and a Shamu. Kylar went down the slide once - only because I put him on it and pushed him down gently as Fausto was at the other end. He did great, but we didn't make him do it again!

Next was the Lazy River. There weren't any tubes left so we just walked around as Kylar bobbed up and down with his lifejacket on. We did finally get a tube and tried not to wipe out too many people ahead of us. This was work for me and Fausto. We were tired after 2 times around!!! Time to try something else.

The wave pool. Let me just say, those were some powerful waves! We sat in the shallow end, and it was funny how people kept moving closer and closer to the bank with each wave. I was holding Kylar at first, and we both got pelted by the first wave. I had no idea what to expect! Kylar played in the water before the next round of waves started and we headed to dinner at our favorite spot...

Luby's!!! Fausto found out on Friday that he was being transferred to a new store here in SA beginning Monday. We knew it would happen, just not this soon.

I'm wondering if I could have dumped any more information on you at one time. I think I will be able to go back to sleep now. Fausto's off again tomorrow so he gets to go to church with us. He doesn't get to go but a couple of times every 2 months. Sweet dreams!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

We're Up and Running

The first post was written early in June but I just now published it. Kellie has motivated me to get going.

Kylar spent last week in Denver City with his grandparents. He had a blast! It was a nice break, but Fausto and I were ready to see him again. He loves watching the movie Cars. It's the first thing he wants to do when he gets up in the mornings. Don't get me wrong - he doesn't watch it 24/7. I think his Pop got tired of watching it last week in between outdoor adventures.

I'll get the pictures uploaded and posted soon. But don't hold your breath...I would hate to disappoint you with my quickness (or lack there of).

Good night!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Hello to the Blogging World

I guess it's finally time I enter into the blogging world to keep family and friends updated. I'll do my best to post often; however, I cannot guarantee anything!!

Fausto, Kylar & I moved to San Antonio mid-March. The company I work for plans on moving its manufacturing division down this way and asked me to come along. However, I beat them here and they are letting me work from home. It's not bad, but it's really hard to make friends when you are the only one in the office.

Fausto graduated from Texas Tech in December 2007 and got a job with Luby's. He was in Houston January through mid-March for manager training. When he finished, we ventured south from Lubbock. Our house is still for sale there, so if you know of anyone looking to buy a home, let them know about ours!

Kylar is a stinker but a precious one. It took him a while to adjust to the move but is doing well. He loves swimming, playing outside, and playing with his cars. He sure is growing fast. I can't believe how fast it goes!

Well, stay tuned...